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Posted by heather 12 years ago.

Are my parents eligible for the pension, medicare, and concession card?

My parents are NZ citizens living there for the last 10 years , my mum was about 55, and dad was 65, when they migrated to nz. now they want to come to Australia as they have 4 children living here. Are they eligible to get the pension in Australia? Will they be able to get medicare and a concession card? Any feedback would be appreciated.

By the way my brother his wife and child live in NZ. My brother is a citizen and his wife is a permanent resident can they come here as they wont have anyone there once my parents migrate and I am worried because they will be left there, without any immediate family. My brother is 30. Would he have to apply for citizenship, what are the rules? And can his wife migrate with her NZ PR or does she have to wait to get here citizenship? We need to be reunited as a family again. Thanks

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Reply from baffled 12 years ago.

NZ citizens have automatic right of entry into Australia.
It depends on their level of assets as to whether they qualify for the Australian pension, concessions etc.
Medicare card should not be a problem for them. Check out the following websites:

The human services department (formerly Centrelink) is very helpful. Go and talk to them if you need to find out something you can't access online.

Reply from hgower 12 years ago.

Hi Everyone Soke to centerlink, they said they have to come here first to see if they qualify for the ension, as my dad migrated to NZ after he retired in SL and my mum has een in NZ 11 years efore retirement so they said that she might qualify ut my dad might not they dont have any assets at all, They Both get the NZ ention their, tHEY HAVE BEEN IN nz FOR 12 YEARS now. My dad needs to get medication due to some health rolems and that is his worry, we can do as much as we can ut he does not want to BURDEN US, how can we know if they really qalify Before they venture here for good. If anyone could shed some light on this it will e areciated. The reason for them to come here is ecause four of the children live here, and my BRother is the only one lving in NZ. Two of us are Australian Citizens, and 1 a NZ citizen living here for the last 6 years and the other is a ermanent resident. I would really areciate any feed Back or information regarding this Thanks Heather

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