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Posted by happygirl 12 years ago.

ANZ Telegraphic Transfer Fees

Does anybody know what ANZ bank in Oz charges for Telegraphic Transfers? or does it depend on the amount of money you transfer.

1 reply on 21 March 2012.
Reply from anita 12 years ago.

It costs AUS$24 to send any amount of money to a NZ bank account from ANZ. You have to apply for the right to use international services (online in their website) and you also have to apply to increase the amount of money you are allowed to spend in a day. There are no fees in applying, just takes time.... My limit is $1000 at the moment, so when I send money home, I send AUS975, and then you add the fee of $24 and that is my daily limit. No shopping with the EFTPOS card on those days! Once it is set up, it is very easy to use online, and saves your details so you only have to enter them once. Works well, and the money is usually in there the next day when i check. Hope that helps :-)