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How easy is it to apply for Medicare?

Can anyone tell me what is involved in applying for Medicare? I'm just after an indication of what it is like in practice - the documentation requirements etc. Thanks :)

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Do you have to get a new IRD number to take to Australia? If so, how do you get it?

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How can I renew my New Zealand Passport in Australia?

Can I renew my New Zealand passport when it expires and we're still living in Australia?

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Can Kiwis rent in Australia straight away?

I have no close relatives in Aussie but am planning to move over with my 4 sons.

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How can I pay off my student loan while working in Australia, without a New Zealand bank account?

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Can a recently-granted NZ citizen move to Australia straight away?

I'm a UK citizen and have been living in NZ for 17 years as a permanent resident. I've only just applied for and been granted NZ citizenship this year. Now I'm considering moving to Australia as most of my family is over there and are Australian citizens, including my parents ...

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Can I drive in Australia on a NZ or UK drivers licence?

If so, for how long? Do I have to take a driving test in Australia?

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Does my New Zealand credit rating go with me to Australia?

If I have bad credit here in New Zealand and apply for something on hire purchase in Australia, will the companies over there share info with the companies here? Or is it like starting fresh? :P

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What about the poisonous snakes, spiders, scorpions etc mixed with pets and kids? Has this been an issue for anyone?

My wife and I are considering moving from Dunedin to Melbourne but are a little concerned about the poisonous creatures in Australia. Are we right to worry or is this not an issue? We are most concerned for our 2 dogs and our 1-year-old. Do you come across snakes within ...

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