Some Things To Consider When Moving To Sydney

Wow, so you're going to move to Sydney? Congratulations on making such an exciting move! There's a lot to consider, and it's easy to overlook some of the things you need to think about before you move.

We moved to Australia ourselves in 2007, and we couldn't find a good source of information before we left. So here's a list of some of the more important things you will want to sort out either before you move or shortly after you arrive in Sydney.


If you are a New Zealand citizen, then this part is often very simple - you can usually just move to Sydney to live and work without applying for a visa. Read more about visa requirements in our guide to Australian visas for Kiwis.

Moving Your Money Over

It's very easy to get a bad deal when you convert your New Zealand money to Australian money. Read our guide to moving your money to Australia to find out how to get a better deal and how to open an Australian bank account before you leave New Zealand.

Finding Somewhere To Live

Finding a place to live in Sydney might be more competitive than you are used to in New Zealand. Our section on finding a place to live can help you learn about what to expect and where to start looking.

Finding A Job

It helps to know where to look when you need to find a job in Sydney. Our finding a job section will help you get started with things like tax rates, job hunting sites, etc.

Moving Your Stuff

We also tell you about how to organise moving your belongings to Sydney.

Health Care

Make sure you are familiar with the Australian health care system by taking a look at our section on health care in Australia.