Posted by Looking To Study on 19/03/2012

Australian Study Fees

I am moving to Australia shortly and looking into study while I'm there. I know I can't apply for a student loan or assistance unless I am a permanent resident. I have been looking at the fee schedules for Bachelor Primary Education in QLD and the fee schedule per year without extra fees is quoted at $15,000! Does this seem right? The same study in NZ is $5,000 per year. I don't begrudge this as I want to live in Australia but I just wondered why it is so much more? Any tips from people who have done same? I don't wish to wait 1 or 2 years to obtain Permanent Residency and then another 2 years after that to obtain student loan before I study.


#1 response from Looking To Study at 22:35 on Mon, 19 March 2012

I have just compared the University Sunshine Coast ($15,000) to University QLD ($5600) so now I'm even more confused...

#2 response from NZUKSteve at 09:09 on Tue, 4 September 2012

Uni fees that are quoted are domestic full-fees, however most undergraduate university courses in Australia are CSP (commonwealth supported places), in other words they're subsidised by the government (particularly degrees in education and health studies). This drastically reduces the amount the student has to cough-up, (up-front if a NZer) by about 3rd of the normal domestic full fee.

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