Posted by BayofPlentyfamily on 11/02/2012

Moving to Melbourne - looking for good schools in Eastern Suburbs

I have seen that Camberwell and Hawthorn are great areas for schooling but we are looking for somewhere that is a little less pricey. My son is 10 and is in his last year of primary school so any feedback would be great!

#1 response from Bessie at 05:37 on Mon, 13 February 2012

Sorry, not able to help you with this but am keen to leverage off some of the responses you may receive! We are in exactly the same boat (looking to move to Melbourne this year), and good schooling that is affordable is a key consideration for us. Best of luck!

#2 response from miss_p at 06:16 on Mon, 13 February 2012

Here are two things that should help you draw up a list of more affordable suburbs close to decent schools (if you don't mind sifting through a bit of data).

1) The Age (Melbourne newspaper) liveable city study, where you can review suburbs based on criteria important to you:

2) The My School website, created by the federal government to help parents choose schools for their kids: http://www.myschool.ed...

Melbourne's eastern suburbs are very desirable, so you've got a lot of people (supposedly more than 1,000 new people per week) moving to Melbourne and eyeing up these areas too!

#3 response from BayofPlentyfamily at 17:42 on Mon, 13 February 2012

Hi Bessie
No worries! I'm moving over in April so I'll let you know where we decided in the end if it helps :-)

#4 response from BayofPlentyfamily at 17:43 on Mon, 13 February 2012

Thanks miss_p I'll be looking into those sites (it feels like all I have been doing anyway since we decided to make the move!)

#5 response from Bessie at 20:02 on Mon, 13 February 2012

That would be great BayofPlentyFamily! We are heading back over there shortly to have a better look at some of the suburbs and schools so am happy to share my findings with you when we return :-) Melbourne is such a fantastic city and we are really excited about this move, but the whole relocation task is daunting so I totally appreciate the amount of investigation you have probably been undertaking!

Thanks so much miss_p for the links (they will both be well used). The liveable city study provides exactly the kind of info we have been looking for (and all in one website!) Very helpful :-)

#6 response from k1w1intheno at 00:46 on Thu, 5 September 2013

Be careful which school you decide to send your children to. There is a high expectation at state schools and a lot of pressure. Know your children's abilities. Word of mouth is best. As for Camberwell and Hawthorn there is very strict criteria to get in. Balwyn High has a high score but there is bullying. They won't take you if you move into the area nor will most of the state schools in Camberwell eg Camberwell High. My children all went to MWSC which is Mt Waverley. It is zoned. We moved from Auckland to melb 2005.eastern suburbs is snobbery. So which eastern suburb. There is a website called the good school guide which publishes the results of schools.If your children are academic then fine send them to a 'good' school if not then don't. Glen Waverley Sec College is too hard to get into. As for outer eastern such as Bayswater Boronia they don't have a good reputation.

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