Posted by Kelsey on 02/09/2011

On moving to Australia do nz citizens qualify for family assistance?

My partner and i are currently discussing moving to Auzi... We are both young (19) and have two sons (1 and 2). I am a full time Massey student and from my understanding can continue my studies in Auzi. As i study full time i do not work only my partner does. we recieve family tax credits, in work tax credits, accomidation supplement and childcare assistance.
Can we apply for these in Auzi?
How does the assistance compare with nz?
Is there a stand down period?
Some1 help me out plz

#1 response from griselda at 06:36 on Mon, 5 September 2011

Hi there,

Yes, Kiwis qualify for most family assistance payments in Australia and there is no stand-down period - as far as I know you can apply straight away.

You can find all the info about how to apply and what they cover here: http://www.familyassis...

This is a really helpful guide also that takes you through all the payments and how they work: http://www.centrelink....

I'm not up to date on the NZ assistance options, so I can't offer any help on how they compare sorry!

#2 response from hailz420 at 22:11 on Tue, 4 October 2011

hi my partner and i are also discussing moving to australia at the moment and are trying to weigh up if its cheaper to live there with living costs such as,rent,gas,food,power, health, and whether you can get any family assistance or do you have yo be an australian citizen? any info would be really appreciated :}

#3 response from Mike in OZ at 02:22 on Thu, 8 December 2011

You can get family assistance - this is thru centerlink.
Apply online, fill out all the required docs etc even before you get a tax number, just provide the tax number later, (you have 28 days to complete the application with centerlink)

good to note tho' if you or your spouse is an ozzie citizen it's better for them to apply as you will get more $$, go figure, if my wife applied and not me (I was born here - read my other posts) we would get less.


#4 response from Jay at 01:36 on Tue, 3 January 2012

Hi my partner and i really want to move to brisbane australia. The trouble is we dont know what we are intitled to for assistance to get us started over there. We have four children all under 7 years old, our youngest who is 2 and want to create a better type of living for them. My partner and i want to find jobs there and work but we dont know how to go about it. I was told to send him over first but our problem is we dont really have anywhere to stay. What can we do and how should we go about this?

#5 response from Moving to Australia at 13:18 on Mon, 10 September 2012

My Partner and i are currently planning moving to Auzi, we are both young and we have 3 childrens.. are you able to help me because i dont know weather i intitle for family assistant fo r the kids and also just wanna fine out how long to apply to get this sorted please
please help me


#6 response from sharon at 04:52 on Wed, 19 June 2013

Yes you are entitled to famly assistance provided you have all the documentation required.
Australia is great. Famliy assistance is much higher here than in nz. Weve been here 6 years and no problems at all getting medicare and family assistance.

#7 response from wonderingmum at 10:54 on Fri, 5 July 2013

I want to move me and my 3 kids to brisbane to my
sister for a new start in life and
im wondering if i would get help as a
single mum while job hunting??

#8 response from crooklings at 10:26 on Thu, 19 September 2013

September 2013

Do Kiwi passport holders still qualify for family assistance, I hear things have changed over the last few years but don't know if it's true, We have 3 children and I have been offered a position but could take a while for my partner so things will be tight

#9 response from mc05 at 14:26 on Wed, 8 October 2014

Hi there i have a partner and 5 kids we are looking at moving to australia to find better life for our little ones we a both working part time here in nz our company is ownd by australia but we can get transferd to wrk in australia. can we apply for family assistance?? will we be eligible for it?

#10 response from puna at 05:29 on Mon, 1 December 2014

Hi, I'm a grandmother of 4 and also have a 14 year old son. We are planing to move to Australia and I was wondering if I qualify for the Australian family assistance? As I will be also looking for part time work.

#11 response from Diawad at 08:55 on Wed, 16 November 2016

I was in Australia between 2003- 2006. I'm a NZ citizen. I use to get family assistance when my kids were under 16, but now my kids age 16 and 18 I'm thinking to go back to live in Australia - Sydney. Am I or my kids entitled to any family assistance if I work in Australia and my kids are studying full time?

#12 response from Selest at 20:15 on Sat, 11 February 2017

Hi there! Me n my husband are planning to moving to Aussie in next 2 mnths. I have 3 boys and one on the way. My older one is 19 already in Australia n working already n my 13 n 9 of age. But thinking of me n my boys are coming first n my husband will come later maybe around June or July. He getting his work transfer from NZ to work in Australia. Just wondering if we still be able to apply or qualify for family assistance without my husband there.? Can anyone help me for some info plse.

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