Posted by QUERY on 17/06/2011

Ethnic groups in South Australia/Adelaide

I'm not meaning this to be racial or stereotyping, but what ethnic groups live in specific areas/cities/suburbs of South Australia and/or Adelaide? As most ethnic groups flock to their own community when immigrating.

#1 response from graciedeska at 08:19 on Mon, 1 August 2011

I found this on Wikipedia, which might help!

"Overseas-born Adelaideans composed 23.7% (262,367) of the total population. The north-western suburbs (such as Woodville and Athol Park) and suburbs close to the CBD have a higher ratio of overseas-born residents. The five largest groups of overseas-born were from England (7.3%), Italy (1.9%), Scotland (1.0%), Vietnam (0.9%), and Greece (0.9%). The most-spoken languages other than English were Italian (3.0%), Greek (2.2%), Vietnamese (1.2%), Mandarin (0.8%), and Cantonese (0.7%).[30]"

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