Posted by Aya on 17/06/2011

Gay scene in Australian cities/suburbs?

I'm looking at possibly moving myself and my cats to Australia within the next few years. At the moment I'm looking mainly at Brisbane or possibly Melbourne though I would be open to moving to other cities if I had a good reason to (I consider a strong queer community to be a good reason to move somewhere).

Are there any Australian cities (or suburbs within Brisbane or Melbourne) that have a good reputation for queer community/acceptance and events? Is there anywhere I should avoid? I have pride patches on bags and clothing, so it would be a bad idea to live anywhere where violent homophobia is a risk.

#1 response from graciedeska at 08:27 on Mon, 1 August 2011

Sydney is well known for its gay community and events, including the yearly Mardi Gras. Melbourne is also pretty gay-friendly, although I would say that the closer you live to the center of the city, the more tolerant and open-minded people are in general! I think that rule probably applies to most cities in Australia - the further out you go, the less likely you are to find diversity, and thus there can be some narrow-minded views. I would Google gay forums in Australia to find out more specific detail. All the best!

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