Posted by Mrs G. on 05/01/2008

Recommendations for a company to move pets to Australia?

We are moving from Auckland to Melbourne. I have not yet organised pet transport for our cat. Can anyone advise a great company to use?

#1 response from New2Oz at 22:52 on Thu, 21 February 2008

We used Qualified Pet Services at Takanini near the airport.Our 2 cats boarded there while we were house hunting in Brisbane,then they arranged the flight and sent them over.Excellent service

#2 response from Holly-t at 03:03 on Tue, 17 June 2008

I used a great company called Katz n K9z ( to move my large Rottweiller cross from Dunedin to Perth. It cost about $2000 for everything and Nikki was great organizing everything. It is worthwhile getting lots of quotes (check in the yellow pages under pet transporters) and also ask at any kennels or catteries near you for recommendations as theymay have dealt with them before.

A word of warning - make sure you know exactly the time and date your pet is arriving. The airline is supposed to call you and confirm which flight they are on, but Air NZ is notorious for not doing this.

#3 response from rallyran at 00:37 on Sun, 26 October 2008

How long was your dog with Nikki? Was a cage provided for the flight or do you have to provide your own? We have a Newfoundland very large dog do the airlines go by weight/size of the dog?

#4 response from kiwiinoz at 12:40 on Thu, 15 January 2009

I just moved 3 dogs and 1 cat, ChCh to Melbourne. Dogs were GSD, Boxer and a small and a cat. I supplied cages for the small and had crates built for the two big dogs...which you keep. Whole cost incl boarding for few days prior, taken to airport to meet our flight and all checks and paperwork in place and cat microchipped cost 2500.00. It was a case of the more the merrier in my case. This was all through Shaune at pet Move Christchurch... Highly recommend to anyone.

#5 response from troffy12 at 23:10 on Tue, 20 January 2009

Hey all. We shipped two dogs to Sydney, 1 Foxy & 1 Newfoundland (75kg) all up $2300. We used Dogtainers Airfreight NZ Ltd. We dealt with a girl named Hayley and she was amazing!!!!. She really went out of her way to meet our needs and I cant speak highly enough of her and the job she did for us.Ph: 09) 256 0999

#6 response from troffy12 at 23:16 on Tue, 20 January 2009

If you have a re-home or cat/dog with no papers/registration/vaccination records, you will need to get the pets blood screened for Ehrlichia canis and Leishmaniasis. This will cost $300 and the results will take about a week so make sure you get this sorted early on in the piece.

#7 response from aus/kiwi at 09:24 on Sat, 23 May 2009

We have moved animals both ways, but more recently a cat to Brisbane in 2007. Had to board her for a month before we left and it cost about $1100 all up including all the vet checks etc. Used place in Drury
called Southern Comfort country kennels. They were great.

#8 response from homeatlast at 05:23 on Sat, 20 February 2010

We have also shipped our pets both ways. It was miles cheaper to send them from Christchurch to Melbourne that it was from Melbourne to Christchurch! We used JetPets on the way over and Global Pets on the way back. Who did we prefer? JetPets were okay but Global Pets were brilliant. They were absolutely wonderful - explained everything and went out of their way to save money for us. Watch out for the companies that charge extra for weekends and early flights!

#9 response from Divmise12 at 20:24 on Thu, 12 August 2010

When we moved over in 2008 we brought over two cats and one dog and all up I paid $1800 (just under) that was everything (Cage, Blanket, Vet Check, MAF Certificate) they picked them up from my house and took them to the airport (Auckland).... but I needed someone to pick them up from Bisbane airport. Once our pets landed Brisbane airport held them for an hour (well once my husband picked them up) and that was it.
Remember all pets have to be up to date with Vac's worming & Flea treatments.

That was with Aero Pets :)

#10 response from chairbro at 03:41 on Wed, 22 December 2010

don't use Venture Pets! Our two pets got waylaid for 24 hours in Sydney, we found out about it when they didn't turn up at the kennels and they didn't even contact us. They weren't at all helpful in arranging the pre-move paperwork (one thing that could have made our lives a little bit easier at the time) and weren't easily contactable.

#11 response from Bne2LHR at 02:06 on Mon, 14 September 2015

Hi everyone,
Just trying to decide between a few companies for transporting my older (13yo) large dog from Brisbane to London.
It only gets more confusing talking to all the different companies so it would be great hearing about other's personal experiences.
At the moment aeropets and jetpets seem to be the best - would love to hear any specific feedback on these two companies if anyone has used them!
Thanks in advance for your help.
Trisha :)

#12 response from macclan at 06:05 on Sat, 5 December 2015

Hi Everyone out there, I need some info from anyone who has transported a dog from Brisbane to Auckland....Can you tell me an aprox cost all up...and who you would recommend to pull this all together for us....any information will be a help....thanks

#13 response from Julianne at 08:32 on Wed, 2 November 2016

Can anyone tell me about their experience with Aeropets in Brisbane? I am considering using them to transport our dog. Thanks in advance everyone.

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