Posted by Joan on 10/05/2010

Did your shipping cost (NZ$1600) include Customs and Quarantine clearance fees in Australia?

And did you have to pay any quarantine treatment costs? We plan to ship our king size bed to Australia but were told that wooden stuff more than 5 years old would require fumigation.


#1 response from melbournebound at 04:33 on Fri, 2 July 2010

Our shipping included all customs clearance costs, yes. We didn't require any fumigation and I doubt it would be included in your shipping charge unless you had some sort of price guarantee.

#2 response from Jay Jay at 22:37 on Mon, 10 January 2011

Hi, I was wondering where you moved from and to and also what company you used as my family and I are planning on moving from Wellington to Melbourne in March 2010. Thanks.

#3 response from jannas at 00:19 on Tue, 22 March 2011

I brought a kauri bed with me to melbourne that I have had for 10 years. It did not require any extra fumigation etc

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