Posted by andriana on 29/04/2010

NZ citizen in Australia made redundant. Is there any help from Work and Income?

Hi there, we moved to Australia 4 years ago and never applied for permanent residence. My husband was made redundant 8 months ago and that's when we were made aware that there is no help for NZ citizens from Centerlink.
I was wondering, is there any way to get help from Work and Income in NZ while we reside in OZ?

Also, are there any other benefits - like help with power bills etc that we could apply to get from Centerlink?

I could not find more information and it just doesn't feel right. To be able pay the bills I got a second job, but now my tax is sky high.

Any suggestions?

#1 response from jono at 22:19 on Fri, 22 October 2010

I can tell you that you will get no assistance from WINZ unfortunately.

#2 response from KJ at 10:33 on Thu, 28 April 2011

We have lived in sydney for past 8 years, my husband initially had a job to come to from NZ but decided to move on, after that he has been in and out of jobs due to closures or bigger companies taking over smaller companies and so on. To date (April 2011) He has been out of a job for nearly two years, they dont want the more reliable slightly older males to work here. So unfortunately no 'dole' so wife works full time, husband managed to pick up casual work which is the only way to keep head above water at present. He only does mundane work like packing but its a reasonable hourly rate and nothing to be sniffed at. Fingers crossed he will get another full time job. Really hard yakka but staying positive. All the best.

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