Posted by Savvy on 18/02/2010

As a NZ citizen, will my kids be considered international students at primary school?

There are domestic and international fees for some primary schools and I was wondering if a NZ citizen studying in primary or high school would be considered an international or domestic student?

#1 response from karen at 20:31 on Mon, 5 July 2010

NZ citizens studying at state primary and high schools are domestic students, and there are no fees. Both my kiwi kids attended primary school in Brissie, and I year of high school. july 2010

#2 response from anonymous at 12:11 on Thu, 26 April 2012

Hi everyone, I also have the same question regarding to my son goes to Primary and/or High school. I heard the policies had been changed since July 2011. After July 2011, non OZ resident, even you are NZ citizen, your kids will be charged as international student fees, Is that true?

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