Posted by zack on 02/10/2007

How do I export my cars to Australia?

#1 response from melbourne_maven at 12:57 on Sun, 14 October 2007

Hi Zack. If you haven't seen this already, check out this page of the Australian Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS): It has a lot of info about importing cars to Australia and talks about New Zealand migrants.

#2 response from Kiwi_Chick at 23:33 on Mon, 18 February 2008

My partner and I imported our Mitsibushi Evo 5, and it cost us an arm & a leg - BUT, over here there are not alot of preformance vehicles and the car value shot through the roof - only down side was finding someone to insure it!! Best thing to do before importing would be to look online at purchasing a vehicle (secondhand: - sites also have pre-lease cars and show cars) or the respective brands sites, and work out whether it would be adventageous to bring the car in - or to sell and buy here.

WARNING - There are alot of DODGY car salesman, and ads in the paper promoting to "new arrivals" - BEWARE, friends of ours got sucked in by horrible people at TOYOTA FRANKSTON! These guys will do anything to get a sale - even if it places you in a situation where you cannot afford repayments!

#3 response from cj at 07:15 on Thu, 31 July 2008

i have a car here and would be very interested in moving it over... what happens if there is still security on the car? i dont mind paying it by putting money into my NZ bank account every month. could somebody who has actually done it email me about how exactly u moved it and how much it cost? i would really appreciate moving to sydney in about a month -

#4 response from ally at 10:53 on Sat, 27 June 2009

You will have to check with your finance company, but because the security (vehicle) is not in New Zealand, they will not let you take it with you without first paying out the debt. This is because if you miss a repayment they cannot repossess the vehicle. We looked at taking our BMW with us and the cost was around $10,000 plus luxury vehicles tax. Our bank said we would have to refinance against our mortgage to take the vehicle. In the end we have decided to sell. The cost to replace the car in Oz was less than the cost of the car plus transport.

#5 response from Nyz at 05:01 on Fri, 8 January 2010

Hi ya,my fam & i are relocating to melbourne very soon.My partners job is paying for all moving cost etc,included in that is our vehicle can also be shipped @ their cost...My question is, would we be able to get it financed frm there, to pay off the NZ finance company?

#6 response from Mak & Me at 07:07 on Mon, 26 April 2010

Regaurding the couple that relocated their EVO5, would you mind emailing me on to tell me more approx details on who you went thru, costs etc.....we are looking to do the same would be a great help - cheers

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