Posted by Janet on 27/09/2007

I have a child who is on medication full time. How would I go about getting medication for him in Australia? Will I need letters from my New Zealand GP?

Where can we look up good schools in Brisbane? We will be moving to the Ipswich/Brassall area. Your site has been an EXCELLENT help so far!

#1 response from mum of 4 at 05:02 on Fri, 12 October 2007

You can search schools in the area you want on this link: http://education.qld.g...

You can search by different categories,one being geographic area. This link is only for
Queensland schools so you have to try googling schools on if you are in another state.

#2 response from Me!! at 02:52 on Thu, 8 November 2007

Some suburbs in the Ipswich area are dodgy. There are a few nicer ones, but have a good drive around before you settle!!

#3 response from Hamish at 11:58 on Tue, 5 February 2008

I also found that has a good section on each Brisbane suburb and the schools there.

#4 response from duckman at 02:56 on Mon, 24 March 2008

we moved to ausie about a year ago and we lived in ipswich for 5 mths and we found the schools there very bad we now live on the sunshine coast and the schools here are great my kids couldint be happeir

#5 response from ben at 07:33 on Sat, 7 January 2012

Please note that the website mentioned by @Hamish is no longer running. Here's an article on the demise of the site: http://www.brisbanetim...

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