Posted by Kez on 18/02/2009

How can Kiwis studying in Australia get student benefits?

If my Kiwi kids want to go to university in Australia there are no student benefits and fees have to be paid up front. Does anyone know where they can get university fees from? We have lived in Australia almost 5 years but have to apply for residency after the law change for Kiwis to obtain government assistance.

#1 response from karen at 21:40 on Mon, 5 July 2010

I've been wondering this myself. I phoned a uni in Brisbane when we were living there and they said we had to pay the fees ourselves, upfront, but charged as domestic students not international. A 4 year degree would still cost over $40,000 I guess. Kids could come back to NZ and study here with a NZ student loan I guess, or gain a skill thats on Aussie's skill shortage list then apply for permanent residency themselves???? Its a dilemma ay. july 2010

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