Posted by Bekah on 19/03/2017

How to open a temporary pop up shop in Aus for a few weeks, as a Kiwi sole trader

Just wondering if there is anything I need to apply for if I am to open a pop up shop in Aus for a few weeks to sell my art prints, maybe an original or two. As I am GST registered in NZ, overseas sales are zero rated so it would be a great advantage for me to sell to Australia as much as I can. I read that in Aus you don't need to be GST registered until you earn over AU$75,000 in Aus sales.
So for e.g if I sold Au$70'000 worth of art to Aus, I wouldn't need to pay any kind of Aus tax on that (I would just pay my NZ income tax on that amount, and no gst since it's zero rated).

Does this all sound correct or am I missing something?

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