Posted by Lisa on 26/06/2008

Is there a childcare subsidy in Australia similar to the OSCAR subsidy through WINZ in NZ?

I am looking at moving to Melbourne but I want to know if there is a subsidy for school aftercare like in NZ. If so, do you have be in Australia for 2 years before you are eligible?

#1 response from ally at 11:41 on Sat, 27 June 2009

Yes there is, however you will need to be a permanent resident for 2 years before you qualify and it is dependent on your income. If you do not work and want childcare you are only entitled to 12 hours per week. Check with Centrelink for further details.

#2 response from best answer!!!!! at 04:33 on Sun, 25 July 2010

i am moving to melbourne from nz...i have a 2yr old citizens who hold an SCV qualify for all childcare subsidies straight is called CCB and CCR, the payments are based on your income and are paid assistance do cover a lot of the weekly childcare costs better than nz does. i know this for sure because i have researched evrything. go to and search for family can use the estimation calculator on there to give you an estimation of what you could get based on the yearly taxable income details you provide. nz SCV holders do not have to be aus citizens or aus permanent residents to get the tax credits part A AND B, child care benefits and rebates, rent assistance, baby bonus, immunisation payments for your children and there are a few more and there are no waiting periods for these payments, so visit the site and have a look...:)

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