Posted by anon on 25/06/2008

Can a New Zealander start a business in Australia?

Hi, I'm a Kiwi moving to Brisbane and was wondering if I can start my own small domestic cleaning business - or is there some rule forbidding it?

Thanks for any help

#1 response from little_helper at 14:34 on Thu, 26 June 2008

You'll find that similar rules to NZ apply - you can start your business so long as you aren't prevented to by bankruptcy laws etc. As a kiwi you'll effectively be treated as an aussie when it comes to starting a business. Check out this site for more info:

#2 response from Update2019 at 10:59 on Fri, 29 March 2019

Does this still hold true? Can a new Zealander start a business in aus?

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