Posted by Rufus on 07/05/2008

Does a Kiwi who entered Australia after 2002 qualify for the first time home buyers grant?

#1 response from little_helper at 12:59 on Wed, 7 May 2008

Yes - Special Category Visa (SCV) holders qualify for the first home grant, so that means every Kiwi. You need to satisfy the other conditions too, which are essentially that you haven't owned a home before. Here's some info specific to Victoria, but it applies in every other state too as far as I can tell:

#2 response from neale 5 at 06:58 on Sun, 20 June 2010

i am selling my home in new zealand - can I still apply for 1st home grant when we move to australia?

#3 response from nikki at 02:51 on Wed, 26 January 2011

yes you can apply for first home buyers grant.. since you dont own a home in australia you are eligible for getting first home buyers grant..

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