Posted by Wendy on 02/08/2012

Any comment about these suburbs in Melbourne : Burwood, Templestowe, Mount Waverley, Mordialloc, Mentone etc?

Family of 4 including 2 little boys age 3 and 5.. looking for a good place to start with the new life in Melbourne.. We never been to Melbourne but based on the research online, looks like there's some great places to settle down for the family.. Any comments will be great information for us... Please advise commute time to city, Public transport convenience, family-friendly environment, schools, activities and facilities, shopping etc...... Thank you!

#1 response from graciedeska at 07:13 on Fri, 3 August 2012

Hi there,

The only suburb I'm familiar with is Burwood. It's about 25 minutes from the city by car and about 20 minutes by train from the Glenferrie Station. Glenferrie Station is a major hub station, so lots of trains go through making it fast and easy to get to the city. There are also a couple of trams nearby so Glenferrie Road, which is nearby, has lots of shops and restaurants, sports facilities etc, so it's great for families with children who are a bit older and want to take part in activities. It does get very busy though, so you wouldn't want to live too close to that road because of traffic congestion etc. There are universities/RMIT nearby, so lots of students about.

For the other suburbs, check out http://localvoices.rea... It's got reviews from people living in each suburb, so really helpful for finding out 'insider' information.

#2 response from Winnie at 06:15 on Sat, 4 August 2012

One of our friend bought a 4 bedrooms house with 2 living area and double garage for AUD$ 420K.. ( not sure if still possible to get house like this now in Burwood thou..) based on research... i like this place and it is on my top 10 list that i will definitely visit in September... looks like there's lots we can do here with my 2 little boys.. we like shopping mall, restaurant, parks and facility that suitable for the whole family.. great that Burwood got lots from childcare to university with easy public transport.. hopefully there will be more after school activities for 2 little one as there's nothing much we can do here in Wellington..

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