Posted by Winnie on 31/07/2012

Malaysian Chinese family with 2 boys- 3 years old and a 5 years moving to Melbourne: Please advise the best suburb for family? thank you!

We are looking to move to Melbourne next year but doing research now as we are not sure if is a better change for us, especially with 2 young boys and we are Malaysian Chinese living in NZ for 12years now. Hopefully can get some advise about the best suburbs to raise kids in Melbourne. Suburb with good public transport - Travel time to city central up to 40mins is acceptable as we can only afford house below 500k, good school with lots of good places and activities for kids are preferred. Safe community n friendly neighborhoods will be lovely. Any comments are appreciated! Thank you!

#1 response from graciedeska at 07:23 on Fri, 3 August 2012

I would suggest Hawthorn, Auburn, Balwyn & Balwyn North, Box Hill, Camberwell, Northcote, Yarraville, Point Cook as all being popular suburbs for families. There are many more out there I'm sure - they are just the ones I'm familiar with. There is a very handy website called Local Voices that lets you search suburbs in Melbourne that are highly rated for various criteria - like being family-friendly. I'm sure you'll find it useful: http://localvoices.rea...

#2 response from Winnie at 05:57 on Sat, 4 August 2012

Oh yes!! This link is great and that answered all my questions about choosing the right place for my family.. I'm working on choosing about 10 great suburbs on a list and will take the whole family to visit them all in September for 7 days.. hope will help us to decide the place to settle in once we have " feel it".. I've got my AUD account opened with Commonwealth bank and also currency online account ready.. surprised with their amazing services and all this are the tips from this awesome website!! Will keep an eye on this website for all the useful information... appreciated!!

#3 response from Winnie at 04:23 on Thu, 18 October 2012

I've back from Melbourne and visited all 10 suburbs from East and West.. I like Caroline Springs, Vic - Taylor Hills, Vic from West the most.. specially for the new, big block, nice houses that below $500k are available The Caroline Spings lakes and the views are so nice.. also with great Shopping centre and medical centres.. Not having much time to check on Schools and Childcare centre for my 3 yrs n 5 yrs boys, but been advised that is not a problems at all.. I've drive around so have not much idea about How's the public transports or traffic in this suburbs as well.. Any one have comments or currently living around this area?

I didn't visit Point Cook (although it was on the list) as been advised there's no Higher Education as from Secondary School onwards at the momment; traffic problems and Broadband connection problems etc.. Not sure if is true thou...

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