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Posted by rachaelwantstomove 7 years ago.

Subclass 461 holder can give a birth like australian citizen?

Could I get medical support to give a birth even tho I don't have a pr visa, because my husband is a New Zealand citizen? We are planning to move to Australia to live and my husband will be subclass 444 holder. Is it possible to give a birth [with the public health system] for someone who has 461 visa?

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Reply from chooseanalias 7 years ago.

I am a NZ citizen now lives in Aussie with my partner who is on 461 Visa. Last time I checked, if we ever have a baby in Aussie she/he will be a NZ citizen, disregard what passport my partner is holding.

Reply from fashionat85 11 months ago.

Hi, We are in the same boat. Did you get any help from Australian government financially?