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Posted by anna 11 years ago.

If I pay off my overdraught in NZ before I leave and open an Australian Bank account with the same bank will I still be able to have an overdraft there?

I'm moving in the next month and want to know if I should keep the money I've saved with a different bank and use that in Australia or if I should pay off my overdraqft, that I have with another bank but. I need to know if the bank will let me reuse my overdraft to live on while I'm looking for a job.

1 reply on 31 July 2012.
Reply from kiwifamily 11 years ago.

Hi, we have just moved over to melbourne from nz in the last week. The banks here are seperate to NZ banks. so if you were wanting an overdraft you would need to re-apply with whichever bank you open your new australian account with. for example..if you bank with westpac in nz you can't transfer your overdraft to westpac australia, you would need to re-apply & open everything from scratch.