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Ambulance cover

We will be travelling in Australia (mostly Queensland) for 4 - 6 months starting July. We thought just purchasing Ambulance Insurance Cover would be sensible as emergency hospital cover is automatically available. I have been unable to find this and hoped someone might be able to help

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Is your income covered in an accident in Australia , or do you need insurance e.g, car crash, slipping in the shower etc.

I have heard that it's not, but I can't find anything online to confirm.

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How much to pay?

Hello, silly questions, in NZ, we don't pay for the healthcare system, in AUS once we have applied medicare, do we have to pay the Levy? and how does it get charged? do we notify work once we have applied for Medicare? also how is the special levy gets charged? ...

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Husband is NZ citizen w/permanent NZ residency and wife is an Indian. We are now pregnant.

Hi, We are living in Australia from the last 7 months and my wife is on subclass 461 visa ( NZ dependent visa). Since she is on subclass 461, she is not eligible for Medicare facilities also since we took medical insurance last Sept only, so medical insurance team is ...

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Is Private medical aid transferable?

If you are paying into a private medical aid policy is it transferable?

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